A Different Type of Bombshell: The Tin Hats' Journey Through World War II

"A Different Type of Bombshell: The Tin Hats’Journey Through World War II is an inspirational memoir. It uncovers the hidden history of the Canadian war effort in the Second World War and the untold stories of those who served as military entertainers”. Ruth Stanley

A Different Type of Bombshell

My first book fills some gaps in Canadian military entertainment history. This is a memoir of my father’s wartime experiences and his place in the epic and complicated history of the Canadian Army during the Second World War.  

Ruth Stanley

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One of the first of its kind

A Different Type of Bombshell provides a unique insight into Canadian military entertainment history. In this uplifting family memoir, the author masterfully weaves the personal story of her father’s extraordinary, gender-bending wartime experiences in Canada and overseas with the epic and complex story of the Canadian military effort during the Second World War. 

A memoir of a father’s wartime experience

Gender-bending wartime experiences

A driving force for diversity

An extraordinary and captivating story

A Different Type of Bombshell is a tribute to my father and the other members of the Tin Hats Canadian Concert Party. My father was a quiet man, often away from home on assignments for the Canadian government. I knew little about his military service during the Second World War. I did know that he sang and had done some light opera, but I had no idea that he had spent the war as a military entertainer and female impersonator. As I began to learn about The Tin Hats, I grew to realize not only how their vaudeville-style performances had shaped my father’s approach to life, but also how much influence he had had on thousands of soldiers. 

Ruth Stanley

Inside this Book

The members of The Tin Hats were Lean thinkers. The “show must go on” was their mantra and they went to great lengths to make this happen amid constant shortages in wartime England and on the frontlines. This story, although a part of Canadian history, has become deeply personal for me. I began to appreciate how my father’s gender-bending experiences enabled him to embrace and teach me about true collaboration and diversity.

Ruth Stanley

Author & Storyteller

"From a place of utter obscurity, a father's personal history of the Second World War is revealed."

Lean expert

"A Different Type of Bombshell is a moving, powerful and fascinating memoir and family memoir about a Canadian father's extraordinary wartime experiences."

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Get to know how collaboration and diversity can help lean thinkers.

Lessons from war-era military entertainment groups. This story showcases lean thinking and respect for people before the emergence of modern-day Lean Six Sigma methodologies.